Commit 59844a24 authored by Jana Ulrich's avatar Jana Ulrich
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silenced message initial values

parent ff81b59c
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@<-
if(!is.null(init.vals)){init.vals <- data.frame(mu = init.vals[1], sigma = init.vals[2], xi = init.vals[3]
,theta = init.vals[4], eta = init.vals[5])}
if(any(is.null(c(muinit,siginit,shinit,etainit)))& is.null(init.vals)){
message('Initial values are calculated.')
# message('Initial values are calculated.')
init.vals <- gev.d.init(xdat,ds,ifelse(is.null(thetainit),0,thetainit[1]))
# TODO: transform initial values with link function
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