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corrected: names in gevdfit

parent 2a743e9f
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@
#' duration offset and duration exponent, resp.}
#' \item{se}{numeric vector giving the standard errors for the MLE's (in the same order)}
#' \item{trans}{A logical indicator for a non-stationary fit.}
#' \item{model}{A list with components mul, sigl, shl, thetal and etal.}
#' \item{model}{A list with components mutl, sigma0l, xil, thetal and etal.}
#' \item{link}{A character vector giving inverse link functions.}
#' \item{conv}{The convergence code, taken from the list returned by \code{\link{optim}}.
#' A zero indicates successful convergence.}
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